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Life Chain Saw Blade

Life Chain Saw Blade

Life Chain Saw Blade

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About This Products:

  • It consists of a small wire wrapped around a thick yarn to form a zigzag wire.
  • Then, a four wire wire wire is used to make a cutting and smooth saw blade without touching the hand.
  • It can cut off branches, wood, plastic, rubber, bone, soft metal, etc. "in all directions, it is easy to use, easy to transport, hands and clothes are not hurt, long life.
  • Made of stainless steel, no special maintenance, wipe and dry after use.
  • It is small, soft and easy to transport, has strong tensile strength, and is suitable for hiking, camping and other outdoor survival tools.


  • Four stainless steel cable winders with excellent quality
  • Compact and easy to carry into your backpack.
  • Pull ring with metal handle, suitable for finger use.
  • Convenient 360 degree rotation point
  • It can be used to cut branches, plastics, rubber and soft metals.


  • Equipment: German 600mm stainless steel.
  • Color: Silver
  • Total length: 53cm

    THE PACKAGE INCLUDES:  1 x life chain saw blade


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