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Adjustable Laser Bore Sighter Kit

Adjustable Laser Bore Sighter Kit

Adjustable Laser Bore Sighter Kit

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FAST AND EASY ADJUSTMENTS: This laser bore sighter allows you to quickly and accurately reset any sights. It is also windage and elevation adjustable. 

FINE ACCURACY: Calibrate gun for maximum accuracy. This fits into your .17 to .79 caliber gun.

LIGHT AND PORTABLE: Extremely lightweight. Carry it anytime, anywhere. (Padded storage box included!)

FULL PACKAGE: With this laser bore sighter you will also get all the tools, four adapters, and extra batteries!

Get more precision when shooting with this Adjustable Laser Bore Sighter. Attach it to your .17 to .78 caliber hunting handgun and when inserted into the chamber, it will project a laser beam through the barrel onto the target, providing you with more accuracy.

This Laser Bore Sighter comes with tools, seven adapters, and extra batteries (six total), so you will get everything you need. You can carry it easily when you go hunting because it is very lightweight and portable. You will have a long sighting range with no hustle! 

How To Use:

1. Assemble the battery: Remove the shrink wrap around the battery and insert the batteries in the right direction.

2. Insert the battery hold back into bore sighter: As shown in the diagram below when the 2 points align the Bore sighter is on when they're not aligned its off.

3. Choose the right adapter for your barrel: Choose the right adapter that fits your barrel and with the screwdriver tighten the screw into your adapter.

4. Insert Bore Sighter into Barrel:  Finally just insert the Bore sighter into the barrel and make sure that the adapter is fixed in the barrel.


Item size 155 * 16 * 16mm
Color Black
Maximum Output Power 1 mW
Equipment In aluminium
Length of rod that fits in the barrel 60mm-90mm (conical)
Color Laser Red
Power 3 x AG13 batteries

Package Included:

Laser Boresighter   1
Screwdriver     1
Allen wrench   1
Adapter tips   7
AG13 Batteries   3
Padded Storage Box   1


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