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13 in 1 Portable Electric Gas Welding Tool Kit

13 in 1 Portable Electric Gas Welding Tool Kit

13 in 1 Portable Electric Gas Welding Tool Kit

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Excellent Welding -Smooth and quick welding effect because of internal powder. With allow melting point (400°C), these rods have great weldability with high thermal/electric conductivity and excellent processing performance.



No Flux/Fumes -You don't have to use flux powder with aluminium alloy as the welding core and coating act as the salt base. Very convenient and easy to weld.


High-quality Aluminium-alloy rods - Used to weld/ braze primarily Aluminium and Aluminium alloys but can be used to braze any other non-ferrous materials except for stainless steel.


Perfect for Small Repairs -Suitable for repairing lap joints, butt joints & metered joints.

Lightweight & Small Volume-Very easy to bend & carry.


Wide Application -Applications include truck beds, lading ramps, docks, diamond plate, irrigation piping, engine blocks, transmission housing, etc.


Excellent corrosion resistance.No emitting of gases or toxins.

No lead content included.

Minimise parent material distortion during welding.


Meet all your needs:

1. Relaxation rust metal screw kit, laboratory heating study, kitchen baking tool, factory equipment maintenance.

2. Welding Automobile, truck aviation repair Hydropower engineering repair.

3. Electrical appliances, motor control box maintenance, welding, etc.

4. Wires Circuit board repair welding, IC board welding repair, home field line welding and repair

5. Soldering on the components, etc.

6. Jewellery, glasses industry maintenance, plastic cutting

7. DIY player, can carry pocket gas welding torch, small and convenient to carry, DIY tools, can be welded and repaired


SOLDER, WELD, USE AS A TORCH OR EVENA HOT KNIFE with these 3 interchangeable soldering tips: bevel, a deflector for heat shrink wrapping. plus the base tip used for torch mode.

PORTABLE AND CONVENIENT- It's cordless, with no bulky cord or wire, so it's easy to use where you need it and not limited to being near a plug;


ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE between 410-850 °F, and up to 2400°F in torch mode, one gas fllig lasts 30-100 minutes at mid setting.


GREAT FOR DIY, arts and crofts, jewellery making and repair, brazing, model building, electrical and electronic circuits, general heating or drying, light gauge welding, PVC bending, and more.



Equivalent to a power range of 30-70 watts.
Ready to use 20 seconds after ignition.
Tank capacity for 30 minutes of operation.


Package Contents:

  • 1 x Gas welding machine
  • 1 x Curved tip tweezers
  • 1 x 10g solder wire
  • 1 x Sponge soldering support
  • 1 x Rosin
  • 1 x Heating core
  • 7 x Soldering iron tips
  • 1 x Plastic box

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