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Soft Spring Hula Hoop Abdomen Waist Exercise Circle

Soft Spring Hula Hoop Abdomen Waist Exercise Circle

Soft Spring Hula Hoop Abdomen Waist Exercise Circle

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  • Built-in high-quality wire spring, which has good effect and is not easy to break or deform.
  • Outer ring is made of PVC, which enhances the overall flexibility of the spring, thereby improving the overall strength of the hula hoop.
  • Excellent massage effect is produced on the waist and abdomen during exercise, and there is no pain when touching the body.
  • Fine workmanship, every detail reflects the intention, which can stimulate the intestinal tract to treat constipation and effectively eliminate the pain caused by constipation.

Material: steel spring inside with PVC spring cover outside, and ABS joints
Size of product: Diameter of total spring tube is about 3cm, the perimeter of the product is about 160cm
Service life: 2-5 year with proper care and general using frequency

About Style:

(Style 1) Children's model-random color 1.7 kg
(Style 2) Pink, yellow, blue, abdomen, weight loss, 3.2 kg
(Style 3) Pink, yellow and purple abdomen increases weight loss of 3.2 kg
(Style 4) Colourful aggravated abdomen to lose weight 3.2 kg
(Style 5) Pink, Yellow, and Blue Thin Waist — 2.4 kg
(Style 6) Pink, Yellow, and Purple Thin Waist — 2.4 kg
(Style 7) Pink, yellow, blue, 3.2 kg weighted [send skipping rope]
(Style 8) Pink, yellow, purple, 3.2 pounds aggravated [send skipping rope]
(Style 9) pink yellow blue 3.2 kg [send rally]
(Style 10) Pink, Yellow and Purple 3.2 kg [Send Rally]
(Style 11) Pink, Yellow, Blue, 3.2 kg [Free 30-pound Figure 8 Rally]
(Style 12) Pink, Yellow, and Purple 3.2 kg [Free 30-pound 8-shaped Rally]

Package Content 1* spring hoop


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