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Comfort Swaddle

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Keep Your Baby Warm & Cozy Throughout the Winter

Does your baby move a lot when changing diapers or after bath?

Did you know that in addition to the risk of falling, babies are 3 times more vulnerable to colds and flu without proper protection?

To offer the best protection for newborns, our Comfort Swaddle is designed to keep your baby safe and warm even in the coldest winter.

Complete Protection: The BabySita Comfort Swaddle offers a complete protection every mother wishes for their newborn.

Hypoallergenic: Certified hypoallergenic by FDA in specialized laboratories. The fabrics are unlikely to cause allergies in babies.

No Choke: Made of 100% breathable material which provide better comfort and safety than a conventional towels.

Snug Fit: Adjustable wings provide a perfect snug fit even for wiggly babies, creating womb-like feeling they’re used to.

Premium fabrics: The internal lining is super warm and soft, not heavy for baby's tender skin.

Size Guide:



  • Age Range: 0-6m
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Collar: Hooded
  • Closure Type: Open Stitch
  • Fabric Type: Flannel
  • Material Composition: Cotton


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