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Steel Wool Firework

Steel Wool Firework

Steel Wool Firework

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As photographers, we are always looking to discover new things, be creative, and to improve our knowledge. That's why our team at StructuredShop always offer our loyal customers the best, most unique and amazing products from the entire market.

The Steel Wool Photography Kit is nothing more than a new door open to more possibilities, creativity, and fantastic art. Not only that but in the last few months, we've actually started a beautiful and very popular trend across all social media.

It is very easy to use and will amaze you and all your friends with the effects and unique results which are actually limitless. Meaning that you can create art in every moment during the night but not only. You are your own limit, without any professional editing skills just put your creativity to work and you will be impressed in any type of photography.

steel wool photography light painting kit

The Spectacular Photography Kit includes a super good and fine quality steel wool (#0000), one special made whisk, and a piece of steel wire (1m/3.2 feet). The awesome results aren't that hard to reach but we do recommend to follow the instructions below and to try this outdoors only. For your safety, you may need goggles, an umbrella or an extinguisher.


  1. Fill the whisk with some steel wool. (TIP: To get more sparks when burning, you can puff the steel wool up a little);
  2. Attach the flexible steel wire to the whisk which enables you to spin the whisk in the air;
  3. Find a proper place. We recommend this outdoors only because the sparks will bounce off any surface they encounter;
  4. Set up your camera. Don't forget to bring a tripod and wireless shutter release with you, or just a friend;
  5. Once everything is ready, ignite the steel wool with a lighter. Just a little bit is enough and the steel wool will start to smolder. Don't forget to start spinning and playing with the whisk in the air while also taking the marvelous picture!

Have in mind that the default camera setting are 13 seconds exposed, ISO 1600, F8. This depends on your camera setup and we recommend to play a little bit with this before.

You don't need to fire the whole steel wool at a time, use it multiple times! You can also try to attach the steel wool to something else like a bicycle wheel for different effects.


Note: This product is a creative photography prop. It is not a firework. Beware of burns from sparks. Please pay attention to the posture and protection. Do not place flammable and explosive items nearby

Product weight: 70g

Package Content
Steel wool 1 Pc = Steel wool*1
Tool set = Chain *1, Gloves*1, Clip *1, Glasses*1
5 Pcs Set =  Steel wool*1, Chain *1, Gloves*1, Clip *1, Glasses*1



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